tearing sad emoji

What does unforgiveness taste like?
Is it bitter and is it grooved
Like the pit inside a peach
Or is it impenetrable and smooth
Like the pit of an avocado?

Is unforgiveness hot and spicy
Like the taste of jalapeños
Or does it burn inside the mouth
Like pungent habaneros?

Is it sour
Like apple cider vinegar;
Or is it tasty and sweet
Like the root of a sugar beet?

What does unforgiveness taste like
When it rolls against the tongue;
Is it dry like unbleached flour
Or moist like egg foo yung?

Is it crunchy like a walnut
Or smooth like peanut butter;
Do you eat it straight
Or mix it with another taste?

What does unforgiveness taste like?
Is it pulpy like a pear,
Or is it more like licorice
Of chewy sweet texture?

Is it a complex taste,
Like fish that has been fried
Or something less intriguing
Like a parboiled rice?

What does unforgiveness taste like,
And should I get me some?
Because the way that you ingest it
It seems to be quite yum

Will I find it on the shelf,
In my favorite grocery store;
Or is it custom ordered
From a special catalogue?

What does unforgiveness taste like?
And is it an appetizer or a meal;
And is it to be shared
Or eaten exclusively?

Is it an acquired taste,
Like fine scotch or beer
And do you serve it on special occasions
Or most any time of year?

And is it really that much better
Than its opposite
Or is forgiveness too old-fashioned
And unforgiveness more in style?

Well, whatever unforgiveness tastes like
Be it bitter or syrupy sweet
I do have one suggestion
Bless your food before you eat.