Betwixt Heaven and Hell

blue and gray smoke

Life in the balance
For better or worse
Caught in the crossroads
Living on Earth

Here at the intersection
Of happy and sad
Too bad for goodness
And too good for bad

Caught in the middle
Midst darkness and light
‘Tween wisdom and ignorance
And wrong versus right

Straddling the center
Seeking direction
Perched on the fence
Of life’s continuum

Destined for rich
Or then again poor
Embracing the young
Dreading the old

Too smart or too dumb
To love or to hate
Rise up or lie down
Conscious or unaware

Woman and man
In juxtaposition
Life on the teeter-totter
In the curve of the bell
Quite in the middle
Betwixt heaven and hell

Photo by Rafael Guajardo at Pexels