Heaven and Hell

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God Is Not Superlatively Perfect

[POEM] In the English language.
The word perfect has a superlative meaning.
To be the best, above all the rest.
At the top; Unsurpassed.
Free from flaw, impeccable and pristine.

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[POEM] What does unforgiveness taste like?
Is it bitter and is it grooved.
Like the pit inside a peach.
Or is it impenetrable and smooth.

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The War with Trouble

[POEM: The War with Trouble]
Trouble came upon me.
Slapped me harshly in my face.
I was bruised but undaunted.
I had a saving grace.

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Betwixt Heaven and Hell

[POEM: Betwixt Heaven and Hell]
For better or worse.
Caught in the crossroads.
Living on Earth.
Here at the intersection.
Of happy and sad.
Too bad for goodness.
And too good for bad.

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