Heartache Is…

Heartache is
The realization that your life is not
the way it was the day before
And the day before was better

Heartache is
A gritty reminder of the luck
that everyone else seems to have
And the recognition that yours is among the dearly departed

Heartache is
When things that are ordinarily quite easy to understand
Now demand mental adroitness commensurate
with the capacity
To explicate existentialism

Heartache is
When living feels like dying

Heartache is
When your world,
which has been spinning on its axis
(as it was designed to do)
Suddenly and inexplicably implodes,
Fractured pieces cast into the abyss

Heartache is
When you roll out of your own bed
In your own space
And wonder where you are
And how you got there

Heartache is
The sum total of everything you ever wanted to be
And all you ever wanted to know
Revealed to you in a language
That you neither understand nor speak

Heartache is
The feeling that for a brief moment
The universe has forgotten about you
And the fear that brief moments in the universe
Are eternal

Heartache is
A dying ember whose flame will eventually extinguish
And time will make go away
Unless you languish
In persistent anguish
And insist that it simply must stay.

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels