The Breakup

Edvard Munch: The Scream is picture of ghostly figure screaming in fear

I had a breakup today
A parting of the ways
A coming to an end
A breakup with a friend

I refused to turn about
Or hang my head
I was weary of all the lies
I found the courage to walk away
To keep my chin up; To not look back

Refused to shed a tear
For all the years
Laid waste between you and me
You there in the thick, the thin
Certainly through my ups and downs
Stuck to me like sticky glue

And I mistook your constant presence
As a tell-tale sign
That you were standing in my corner
Cheering from behind
Today I walked away from sleepless nights
Worries end to end
I found the nerve, kicked you to the curb

I’d hid my light beneath a barrel
For I believed you when you said
It was better to shine
In the smallest space of darkness
Than to risk being a light unto the world
And fail.

Or to risk being blown about
Tossed askew
Dissected and ridiculed
For daring to stake a claim
To leave a trail of me
To place my name
Inside the hallowed halls
Written on the walls of life

I walked away from you today
I’m not coming back you know
My prologue will not be my epilogue
I’ve removed your shackles from my mind
Because when I believed in you
You made all my fears come true

I’m stepping into my future
You’re dead to me
May you rest in peace
I place these words upon your stone:
Here lies FEAR
The greatest friend I’ve ever known.

Photo of The Scream by Edvard Munch