The War with Trouble

woman warrior with spear

Trouble came upon me
Slapped me harshly in my face
I was bruised but undaunted
I had a saving grace

I called in my blessings
And like tiny tin soldiers, one by one
My blessings in full regalia
Boldly and confidently marched in

Trouble stood there astounded
As it was soon surrounded
On each and every side
I thought this is not going to be pretty
I tightly squinched my eyes

My blessings issued a warning shot
Advising Trouble to surrender
Trouble refused, remained steadfast
Said it would fight to its dying ember

I was aghast, this could not be true
My heart raced; I wondered
Could Trouble be so stubborn?
Clearly, it was vastly outnumbered

Blessings attacked
Truth struck the first blow
Trouble doubled over, injured
Though its wound was not mortal
Then Trouble jabbed Truth with a lie
That’s all Trouble had in its arsenal

Truth struck back with amazing aplomb
Blinding Trouble in the eye
Trouble flailed wildly, then swooned
Lies dripping from its wound
Yet Trouble refused to die

Trouble persisted impudent, impertinent,
audacious. Unwilling to go in peace
Then Righteousness struck repeatedly
Pummeling Trouble to pieces

Trouble shattered, bloody and torn
Spread in scraps across the soil
Had the audacity to gather itself
And rise again once more

Blessings rose in unison and issued a mighty roar
I shook, and I shivered, I could not watch
Surely my blessings were camped about
The roar was a blaring trumpet
Calling in reinforcements

More blessings stormed in
I peeked with an eye
As Faith an indomitable warrior
Battled Trouble unmercifully
Smashing and stomping relentlessly

And by the time my blessings were through
Trouble was unrecognizable
Wounded mortally
Tattered shreds, a shadow of its former self

Then I heard Trouble take its final breath
Before it was swallowed by the ground
I’ll be back, it defiantly whispered
And I thought: Who cares
I’ve got friends in high places
My blessings do abound.