Dissipate Hate

Dissipate hate sign on wall

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If we pretend that it doesn’t exist
Would hate dissipate
If we dispense with its history
Could hate still be?


If hate is woven in the fabric
Of our society
How is it eradicated
Without destroying
The fabric in which it was created
Is hate somehow separate and distinct
Standing outside society’s gates
Waiting for an invitation
To let it reign

Is hate even recognizable
To those who engage in it
And if hate is not the real culprit
Could fear be the true bandit
And hate just a scapegoat
An excuse for us not to face
Our inadequate feelings


Because I was just wondering
If we don’t talk about hate
Will it go away
Can we ignore the topic
Like climate change
And let the glaciers of hate thaw
Through galactic black holes


Is a little hate any more excusable
Than tons of it
If we call it political correctness
Does it erase the behaviors that are displayed with it
Will affirmative action
Remove it from our midst
Can we legislate against it


If we are free to engage
Or free to abstain
Then is it okay that hate remains
I’m thinking maybe hate can’t exist
As long as we pretend it doesn’t

If we stick our heads in the sand
And let our butts be exposed
Maybe no one will notice
If we whisper at its mention
And never say it aloud
Maybe it’ll just be a slogan
Not a shroud of shame
For a world’s inability to
Eradicate a hallmark of pain

Can we dissipate hate
Make it melt like butter
And if it’s true that matter cannot be
Created or destroyed but only
Can we really evaporate hate by the fires of hell
Can we hide it from the sun
And deny it photosynthesis
Can we feed it to the dogs
Scatter it among hogs

Is hate like racism
Unidentifiable unless you’re the one racisized
And demoralized
Can I save you from hate
Will God forgive you for it
Will you forgive yourself
Is it addictive
Can you rehabilitate
Can we dissipate hate

Without any effort
Is it psychosomatic
Will it respond to immersion therapy
If I hate and still worship in the temple
Am I a hypocrite
Do hypocrites hate themselves
Can you see it on my sleeve
Is hate spilled all over me

[VERSE 10]
Is it buried in the fabric of the clothes I wear
If I strip my body naked
Would you still see it there?
Does hate dissipate in the open air?
Does hate need oxygen to breathe
I’m just asking because I believe
No disease has ever been cured
By being ignored
No disease has ever been cured
By being ignored