The Mask

a wooden mask

I checked in on him the other day
He seems alright to me
He sits in the corner
And peers out occasionally

I don’t ask him what he thinks much
He doesn’t have much to say
He lets me speak for him mostly
I’m the mask that he wears all day

Been covering up so much
Feelings buried down so deep
Wearing so much protection
Not sure who’s underneath

Afraid to be let out
Thinking he may get out of control
And who would be there to stuff him
Back into his little hole

I tell everyone he’s okay
Don’t know if it’s true, but I say it
It’s what I’ve been told to reply
In case anyone should enquire

He’s been thinking a lot about stepping out
To see what the world is about
But then who would he be
If he didn’t have me

I’m the mask he wears
And I’m too old to go away
So he’ll keep burying his feelings
He knows no other way.