This and That

Edvard Munch: The Scream is picture of ghostly figure screaming in fear

The Breakup

[POEM] I had a breakup today
A parting of the ways
A coming to an end
A breakup with a friend

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Rhythm and Rhyme

[POEM] My life don’t rhyme like some folks do.
It doesn’t gel in rhythm.
It walks a beat that’s syncopated.
It doubles down and triple steps.
It squeaks, it whines, it shimmies.

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woman yelling in frustration


[POEM] Stuck in a daze.
Stuffed in a box.
Stultifying zest.
Stumbling in dark.
Stumped beyond measure.
Stunning intransigence. . .

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a wooden mask

The Mask

[POEM] I checked in on him the other day.
He seems alright to me.
He sits in the corner.
And peers out occasionally.

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blue and gray smoke

Betwixt Heaven and Hell

[POEM: Betwixt Heaven and Hell]
For better or worse.
Caught in the crossroads.
Living on Earth.
Here at the intersection.
Of happy and sad.
Too bad for goodness.
And too good for bad.

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