Eye looking through broken mirror

In the Mirror

[LYRIC] I’m living my life, doing my thing
Kind of amazed there’s an enemy
Within the camp
A hater, a jealous member

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Dissipate hate sign on wall

Dissipate Hate

[LYRICS] If we pretend that it doesn’t exist
Would hate dissipate
If we dispense with its history
Could hate still be

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Face of baby girl

Baby Girl

[EXPLICIT LYRICS] Baby girl has lost her mind
And now she’s talking suicide
Tears welling in her eyes
Says she wanna up and die

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Man with locks walking in from of Tupac Shakur wall painting

Are You Serious

[LYRICS] I was feeling kinda weepy
Explaining how I’m feeling
This mofo calls me fragile
And said he can’t roll with that
I’m looking for support, you know
What the hell? Now hold up

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leg of woman with red boots sitting on TV

Reality Show

[LYRICS] This ain’t you and me
You trippin’ on too much TV
Trying to live someone else’s fairy tale
C’mon baby let’s be real

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Sami's Lyrics

Children of PAIN

[LYRICS] Do you know
What it’s like to be a child
Of a parent always in need
To be grown before your time
And not know exactly what you’re doing

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