Side of face of woman lying on stomach in bed

Could It Be

[LYRICS] I think I know what you’re feeling
You know I’m feeling it too
Things are changing between me and you
Don’t want to jinx what’s going on
But lately we’ve been getting along

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Face of woman with eyes closed and left hand touching jaw

I Never Believed

[LYRICS] I never believed in fairy tales
Or frogs turning to princes
Or maids in glass slippers
Never prayed to heaven above
For someone to love

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Red paper robot holding white broken heart


[LYRICS] I feel the split
The split between you and me
Where your borders end, yo
Mine are set to begin, you know

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chalk question mark on blackboard

Maybe Next Time

[LYRICS] I saw the look on your face
Were you hoping like me
That everything would be okay
Were you thinking we could patch it up
And make the pain go away

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leg of woman with red boots sitting on TV

Reality Show

[LYRICS] This ain’t you and me
You trippin’ on too much TV
Trying to live someone else’s fairy tale
C’mon baby let’s be real

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Jigsaw puzzle with missing piece

Where Are You Now

[LYRICS] It has taken me some time
To consider
Life from your point of view
I was too wrapped in me
To realize there was a you in this too

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man on mountain shooting flashlight at stars at night

I Wish You Everything

[LYRICS] Gave you everything I knew how to give
My heart, my love, my devotion
And still I took care of me
But it was not enough
So let me tell you, baby
That I’m giving you up

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