Red paper robot holding white broken heart


[LYRICS] I feel the split
The split between you and me
Where your borders end, yo
Mine are set to begin, you know

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Toddler and dad with backs turned walking through woods

So Close

[LYRICS] I stood on the sidelines
And watched you struggle for so long
I never knew quite what to do
You held that bottle so close to you
Your alcoholic brew

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Young woman getting off freight train


[LYRICS] I had to come to terms with my past
Let go of all my baggage
To meet you in the here and now
And ride off into the sunset
With you there by my side
And yet . . .

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Jigsaw puzzle with missing piece

Where Are You Now

[LYRICS] It has taken me some time
To consider
Life from your point of view
I was too wrapped in me
To realize there was a you in this too

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man on mountain shooting flashlight at stars at night

I Wish You Everything

[LYRICS] Gave you everything I knew how to give
My heart, my love, my devotion
And still I took care of me
But it was not enough
So let me tell you, baby
That I’m giving you up

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